18 Dec

The Rootless Existence of a Flight Crew Staff Member

flight crew lifeBeing part of a flight crew is a very rewarding career, but it comes with a price. Though the travel benefits are enormous, the lifestyle can be very challenging for some people. It calls for a lot of time spent uprooted in constantly changing scenery, separated from what most people call normal. This is on top of the profession itself being considerably challenging. If someone has a passionate desire to become part of a flight crew, they should certainly explore the option as it may appeal perfectly to certain kinds of people, but no one should rush head first into it without seriously considering what their life would look like as a flight crew member.

The work involved in being a flight attendant, co-pilot or pilot has very strict protocols that go along with it. A person setting out for a life of flying professionally has to undergo intensive training and many hours of education in order to be ready to do their job. Many people fall away from this profession in this phase, when they begin to understand what will be expected of them. Executing the job of flight crew member means being attentive, efficient, knowledgeable and able to handle unpredictable situations.

The lifestyle of a flight crew member is very uprooted. The job obviously involves traveling¬†all over the nation or even all over the world, which can be disorienting and exhausting. Flight crew members become accustomed to living out of hotel rooms and arriving in new cities daily. Often, they barely even get a full night’s sleep before their work schedule requires them to be back on a plane doing their job. This separates flight crew members from what most people would call a normal lifestyle. The average job keeps a person in one location, where they can plant roots, build a support system and a social life, establish set routines and live a healthy lifestyle. Flight crew members do not have the option of maintaining this way of life, which means they need to be ready to be inventive and resourceful in order to take care of themselves.