8 Apr

The Truth About Flight Crew Staff Lifestyles

truth about flight crew lifestyleSo much depends on an airplane’s flight crew when we fly. We rely on them to safely navigate the plane and operate its equipment, lead us in safety precautions and help us understand what to expect from high altitude flying and provide with us with customer service and accommodations during the duration of the flight. Flight crew staff members, such as pilots, co-pilots and flight attendants, have high profile jobs in some senses. They are routinely making the news for the decisions and actions they make, whether they are heroic or disastrous. Despite the interest we take in the flight crews who take care of us at 30,000 feet, there is a great deal we do not understand about who they are as people. Flight crew staff share a similar lifestyle due to the nature of flying for a living. This lifestyle is quite different from the average persons.

Flight crew staff members spend a great deal of time away from home, and can move daily for months on end in some circumstances. Most of us are aware that flight crew members have to be away from home a great deal, but seldom do we think about how much they are forced to travel and what effect this would have on a person. Flight crew staff are often given exhausting, packed work schedules on the order of fourteen hour work shifts. They are set up in a hotel room for the night, but often have a short night of sleep as they are scheduled for another long shift the following day. Flight crew staff members will often keep this kind of schedule for days or weeks at a time until they receive a certain amount of days off at home. This type of work schedule drastically effects a person’s lifestyle.

However, working as a flight crew staff member is not without its benefits. People who are drawn to adventure, travel and rootlessness do well as flight crew staff members. The job certainly allows a person to see new locations and sites all the time. Flight crew staff member jobs may suit a person’s love for manipulating technical machinery, or it may suit a person’s desire to be in customer service. The pay, benefits and pensions that flight crew staff members receive is also noteworthy.