8 Apr

The Negatives About Being a Flight Crew Staff Member

flight crew staff member negativesBeing part of a professional flight crew has immense appeal to many people for its travel lifestyle and its exhilarating environment. However, there are a great many drawbacks to taking this position as well. Being part of a professional flight crew can test you in personal and professional ways that no one can prepare you for, and not everyone is cut out for the challenge. Flight crew staff members can experience stress inside and outside of work because of the labor of their professional responsibilities. Before committing to a career as part of a flight crew, it is important to spend a great deal of time thinking on these drawbacks to understand if you are willing to live with them.

  • Being part of a flight crew can come with a grueling schedule and work that is sometimes highly stressful. Quality flight crew members are highly in demand for their set of skills and often get overworked because of it. Skies can be turbulent, passengers can be unpredictable and expectations can be high on flight crew staff members, which leads many of them to reevaluate their career choices.
  • Flight crew staff members frequently feel displaced because of how often they are traveling. Most flight crew staff members do not get to be at home for more than a few days in a month because they are staying at new hotels every night as they work their way around the globe during work periods. This can have negative psychological impacts on a person to be separated from their home and their support system for extended periods of time.
  • The ever present danger of being suspended in the sky outside of a natural human habitat is always a factor for flight crew professionals. Statistically, there is no greater danger of working as a flight crew member than there is of a vast number of jobs that are held on the earth’s surface, but the fear of falling out of the sky and crashing can heavily impact some flight crew members.
  • Because of all the aforementioned stress factors, mental instability, addiction and substance abuse hit flight crew professionals harder than many other working professionals. These positions demand workers of¬†immovable mental stability.