8 Apr

The Positives About Being a Flight Crew Staff Member

flight crew staff positivesBeing a flight crew staff member is a highly rewarding position to assume. This may mean a position as a pilot, a co-pilot, a captain or a flight attendant. Some people are terrified at the thought of holding a job 30,000 feet off the ground while others are utterly intrigued by it. Being a flight crew staff member is certainly not for everyone, but those who are attracted to these types of positions are invaluable because the airline industry is in need of them. Different flight crew positions offer different rewards of course. Pilots carry a far heavier aviation responsibility than flight attendants do. But any flight crew position will offer similar kinds of lifestyle choices and rewards.

  • The compensation and benefits that are given to flight crew staff positions are a substantial living. A pilot’s salary will typically start at 45,000 but can reach up to 200,000 as they gain seniority. The average flight attendant makes approximately 40 to 45,000 per year. Benefits and pensions are sure to be included in their compensation. There has been some controversy among pilots about how minimal their initial salaries are as they are trying to pay off student debt, but on average, flight crew members are compensated fairly.
  • Flight crew staff members are skilled professionals who train for a considerable amount of time to assume the positions they take. Pilots, of course, go to school for the longest amounts of time to receive their pilot’s license and other certifications, while flight attendants receive training from the airline that hires them. Both are critical positions to aircraft operations and require the imparting of an education on the aviation professional prior to the execution of job duties.
  • The work and lifestyle that a flight crew staff member encounters are active and stimulating. One might say there is never a dull moment in the aviation industry. Being a flight crew member is very engaging, whether it involves the technical knowledge of the cockpit or the more customer oriented interactions in the cabin. There is always plenty to do and stay focused on.
  • Lastly, anyone with a taste for travel, adventure and rootlessness tends to be a good fit for a flight crew staff position. It is impossible to succeed at this position without room for wandering in your life, and it is more enjoyable for people who crave travel habitually.